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Juewen Zhang

Atelier Goldstein Issue #7

Recently, works by Juewen Zhang were on display in the exhibition “Mountains and Mist” in Berlin. Now, a selection of the artist’s works has been published in Atelier Goldstein Issue #7 with the support of the Hessian Cultural Foundation. Orders can be placed via email…

The World Map

Julia Krause-Harder at the Marburg Art Museum

For three years, artist Julia Krause-Harder sewed, knotted, and knitted on a world map spanning more than 250 square meters. Now, this expansive work is being exhibited for the first time as an installation at the Marburg Art Museum, inviting visitors to experience a newly…


Atelier Goldstein at Kunst | Haus 2226

From March on, Kunst | Haus 2226 in Lustenau (Austria) is showing eight artistic positions from the Goldstein studio. The group exhibition will feature conceptual works on paper, figurative paintings, large-format charcoal drawings, silhouettes, textile works, narrative paintings and sculptures. ARTISTS Julius Bockelt, Dustin Eckhardt,…

Mountains and Mist

Juewen Zhang at Mountains Gallery, Berlin

The exhibition “Mountains and Mist” at Mountains Gallery presents drawings by Juewen Zhang and works by other artists starting from March 9. The exhibition focuses on the impact of distance and proximity in artistic practice. ARTISTS Michiel Ceulers, Omer Halperin, Toulu Hassani, Nele Jäger, Antonia…


see you in 2024!

Atelier Goldstein wishes you Merry Christmas and a good start to the New Year! We would like to thank everyone who visited and supported us in 2023 and are already looking forward to many exciting exhibition formats and projects in 2024. FROM December 22, 2023…

Tagledimde / Middlegate III

Julius Bockelt and Franz von Saalfed amongst others

From September 17, works by artists Julius Bockelt and Franz von Saalfeld will be on view in the third edition of the exhibition “Tagledimde / Middlegate” alongside many other artistic positions at various locations in the center of Geel in Belgium. Curated by Philippe Van…

love / love

Tina Herchenröther at Künstlerhaus Dortmund

August 19th to October 1st, 2023 Tina Herchenröther is represented with current works at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund. In the group exhibition curated by Dagmar Lippok, artists show works on the theme of love. Love is a mystery and has always been unfathomable – despite countless…

Über das Scheitern // On Failure

New event series from September 4th

4. September – 31. October 2023 “Failure is not an option.” is a famous quote from the film Apollo 13. Sociologist Richard Sennett has even called failure the great taboo of modernity. In a performance-oriented world, failure has a bad reputation. Yet failure can have…

Der Sinn der Logik

Cou-Outs by Markus Schmitz

June 26th to July 29th, 2023 Markus Schmitz utilizes a technique called the paper cut-out, developed in China and Persia and popular in Europe during the 18th century. This technique isn’t commonly deployed in contemporary art although impressive international works regularly appear in exhibitions. Implementing…

Der weltbekannte Planet

Atelier Goldstein at NKR Düsseldorf

May 26th to July 9th, 2023 Group show with artists from Atelier Goldstein at the NKR – Neuer Kunstraum Düsseldorf. Artists: Perihan Arpacilar, Julius Bockelt, Dustin Eckhardt, Hans Jörg Georgi, Tina Herchenröther, Julia Krause-Harder, Franz von Saalfeld, Andreas Skorupa, Joel Thottathil, Juewen Zhang For further…

Dinner “Tafelzeug”

Construct and cook

19. Januar 2023 Beyond the so-called cutlery language of Knigge, everyone knows how knives, forks, spoons or chopsticks work. Even if most cultures do without cutlery, for us eating without these everyday tools is unthinkable. This is where the experiment of the evening comes in.…

Chamber music at Goldstein Gallery

From Rondo to Prelude and Funk

January 14th 2023 When it comes to music, we usually have a clear, intuitive understanding of whether it sounds right or not. But what determines whether music works for us or not? And what function does music serve for us? How do the answers to…


We will be back on January 9th

December 22nd to January 9th, 2023 From December 22nd Atelier Goldstein is on Christmas break. We will be back on January 0th. We wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.


Julia Krause-Harder amongst others at Plein Jour Gallery

December 17, 2022 to January 28, 2023 Julia Krause-Harder u. a. in der Galerie Plein Jour The exhibition Cartography of the Plein Jour Gallery in France is certainly worth a trip. From December 17th, everything here revolves around the theme of maps. Whether geographical, historical, utopian or…

Noah’s Planes

Hans Jörg Georgi opens on December 8 in Paris

December 8, 2022 to January 15, 2023 Galerie Christian Berst in Paris is dedicating its last exhibition of the year to the work of artist Hans Jörg Georgi. For his first gallery exhibition, twenty of his spectacular sculptures will be shown, along with construction drawings.…

Über das Funktionieren

New event series from November 1st

1 November 2022 – 31 January 2023 When talking about art, one often encounters the question: “Does it work?“. Although art is by definition freed from function in the sense of a purpose, the production and publication of art nevertheless somehow has to work. Functioning…

Superposition at documenta 15

Music Performance in Kassel

SuperpositionConcert, 23 September, 6.30 pmHübner-Areal, documenta 15 Atelier Goldstein was invited by Project Art Works to design its own space as part of documenta fifteen. Works by Julius Bockelt, Hans Jörg Georgi, Franz von Saalfeld and Juewen Zhang are on show till 25 September 2022. At…

In der Mitte des Wetters

Julius Bockelt at Wetter- und Klimawerkstatt Offenbach

10 August–29 October 2022 Julius Bockelt is represented with drawings and photographs in the exhibition “In der Mitte des Wetters” at the Wetter- und Klimawerkstatt Offenbach. Wetter- und Klimawerkstatt OffenbachFrankfurter Straße 39Tuesday–Friday 2–7 pm, Saturday 11–6pm For more information visit

About Work

Neue Veranstaltungsreihe in der Goldstein Galerie ab 18. Juli!

About Work July 18 – October 23, 2022 People often talk about finding the right balance between work and life. For artists, these two areas are only part of a far more open concept. Experience shows that in this the subject of work is situated…


»Last Thursdays« in der Goldstein Galerie

June 30, 6-8 p.m. The Last Thursdays initiative is designed to give interested people the opportunity to visit the current exhibitions of selected Frankfurt galleries outside of normal opening hours: Starting in June 2022, Goldstein Galerie will open its doors on the last Thursday…

Perihan Arpacilar has passed away

Artist Perihan Arpacilar has passed away on June 10th 2022. Perihan Arpacilar was a fascinating artist. In her extensive oeuvre, she primarily worked on portraits of people in her immediate environment or of personalities she admired. In her works, the special handling of ink as…

Atelier Goldstein at documenta fifteen

A collaboration with Project Art Works

18 June–25 September 2022 Atelier Goldstein was invited by Project Art Works to design its own space as part of documenta fifteen. Works by Julius Bockelt, Hans Jörg Georgi, Franz von Saalfeld and Juewen Zhang will be shown at the Hübner-Areal from 18 June –…

The Crip School

Julia Krause-Harder als Residenzkünstlerin in Belgien

From 13-17 June 2022, Julia Krause-Harder will be a guest in Kortrijk, invited by Wit.h, to work together with other artists withinThe Crip School. Find more Informationen here: sowie

Never Forget

A memorial by Atelier Goldstein for the Max-Planck-Institut for Brain Research

A memorial sculpture designed by Atelier Goldstein at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research recalls the tragic history of the predecessor institute during the Third Reich. For more informationen visit: and


Musicperformance at Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche

Next Sunday, 22 May at 16.00, Superposition (Julius Bockelt and Sven Fritz) will play a concert at Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche on the occasion of the exhibition “The world is still beautiful” by Ernst Stark. More Information about the exhibition: www.diakonie-frankfurt-offenbach.deMore Informationen about Superposition: Superposition

»Über das Wissen/On knowledge« at Goldstein Galerie

New event series with Babak Sayahzadeh, Julius Bockelt, Anne König, amongst others

From 4 May 2022! The new event series On Knowledge is dedicated to the relationship between art and knowledge in artistic practice. The increased availability of information and knowledge also increases the autonomy of artists in acquiring knowledge in connection with their intellectual and craft…

Traverser la nuit

Hans-Jörg Georgi at MAAT, Lisabon

The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon will feature Atelier Goldstein artist Hans-Jörg Georgi. Under the titleTraverser la nuit, works from the Antoine de Galbert Collection will be shown. Detailed information about the exhibition and the participatingartists can be found here:

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