Über das Scheitern // On Failure

New event series from September 4th

4. September – 31. October 2023

“Failure is not an option.” is a famous quote from the film Apollo 13. Sociologist Richard Sennett has even called failure the great taboo of modernity. In a performance-oriented world, failure has a bad reputation. Yet failure can have a positive effect on personal development and creative processes. So what does failure mean in the field of art? At what point is an artist or their work considered a failure? And what role does failure play in the artistic process? Goldstein Galerie will explore these questions in a new series of events “On Failure” starting in September 2023.

Artists: Frédéric Ehlers, Jakob Hoffmann, Thomas von Steinaecker and others at Goldstein Gallery

For further information visit: Über das Scheitern – Atelier Goldstein (atelier-goldstein.de)