Chamber music at Goldstein Gallery

From Rondo to Prelude and Funk

January 14th 2023

When it comes to music, we usually have a clear, intuitive understanding of whether it sounds right or not. But what determines whether music works for us or not? And what function does music serve for us? How do the answers to these questions differ in terms of time and place? An ensemble of HfMDK students, under the direction of Prof. Jaan Bossier (Ensemble Modern), explores the functioning of music through four very different pieces.

The LIV Quartet plays pieces by Tomasi, Haydn, Brotons and Connesson.

WITH Laia Haro Catalana, Vanessa Klöpping, Julia Sola Cabrera, Naama Caspo-Goldstein

ON January 14th 2023, Goldstein Galerie, 7 pm

Chamber music from the class of Prof. Jaan Bossier, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main.

You can find all info about the concert here.