De Windstoot / The Gust of Wind

Julia Krause-Harder amongst others at Museum Dr. Guislain

March 23 to October 25, 2023

De Windstoot, about the power of limitation. The title refers to a work by Léon Spilliaert depicting a young girl at the edge of the sea. She hangs on the railing of the quay and stares at the horizon. She is screaming at the top of her lungs. There is a strong wind, but the silence is deafening. De Windstoot is about equality, about power and powerlessness, about giving a voice to people in general and artists in particular.

For a new art expedition, the non-profit organisation Wit.h collaborated with a number of international and selected artists* who created new works in small groups. They were inspired by the theme of the Ship of Fools and the social theme of power and powerlessness. Everything is shown in a museum context and in connection with our own collection. De Windstoot is the result of a collective collaboration over time: contemporary and participatory artistic practice goes hand in hand with the audience-oriented dynamics of the museum.

Julia Krause-Harder will also be represented among the artists.

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