Über das Sammeln

Karsten Bott, Julius Bockelt, Thomas Hombach, Sven Kacirek, Markus Schmitz
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

Über das Sammeln
(About collecting)

Beyond the large museum collections, the art or rarity collectors, the gathering of things is one of the essential strategies of artistic practice. Be it large-scale inventory, artistic conceptual collecting, finding and accumulating material, or storing as a necessity.

By no means is it only about physical things. The digital capture of a moment in image or sound is just as much a part of it as a diary entry or the memory of a scar.

How does taking relate to appropriating, searching to finding, and keeping to not giving away?

Collections can form the vocabulary of an artist. How they relate as such to the museum’s trove or the collector’s collection will be explored in On Collecting.



Between rescue and theft
Concert and talk

July 31, 7 pm

The Hamburg musician Sven Kacirek (percussion, composition) has been traveling Kenya since 2009 to meet local musicians. He recorded pieces with artists like Ogoya Nengo, Ogada Oganga, Okumo Korengo and Jack Nyadundo.

Kacirek then returned to Hamburg and worked on an album that combined this wonderful music with his own. The album The Kenya Sessions was released in 2011 on Pingipung/Kompakt and received the German Record Critics Award.

Collecting songs and dances has also been a musical tradition at least since the Romantic period. Song collections such as Des Knaben Wunderhorn or the Hungarian Dances by Brahms achieved high fame.

At the same time, Kacirek takes this practice as an opportunity to ask critically about the colonization and exploitation of music.


Klangschalenscherben (Singing bowl shards)

August 3 – 4, 12 – 6 p.m.

Julius Bockelt’s artistic research has long been concerned with collecting cloud formations, which are not only related to his drawing work, but also to his sound studies. During a two-day workshop, Julius Bockelt invites visitors to the Goldstein Gallery to collect sound recordings. These can be sounds, stories or music.

The collection will be condensed into a collage at the end of the series of events About Collecting and published via the Atelier Goldstein website.

Sound recordings can also be emailed to:



Schnittmenge (Intersection)

August 5 – 8, 12 – 6 p.m.

Markus Schmitz is an artist who, as a matter of principle, rarely separates himself from the by-products of his artistic work: these include, above all, cuttings from his cut-outs, which he collects in small plastic bags, or print magazines that pile up in his studio and serve him as a source of images, among other things. These magazines sometimes become cut-outs themselves and thus also generate cutting remnants. Markus Schmitz will demonstrate and explain his working method using printed pages. Visitors are welcome to bring along print magazines or similar.



Sonderdinge (Special things)
Residency and presentation

August 17 – September 16, Wed – Sat, 12 – 6 p.m.

Karsten Bott assembles things that in their ordinariness possess both functional and subjective qualities. Meaning: the ordinariness of a thing as an object of use already gives it a functional competence, but beyond that, its added value as a vehicle, as a carrier of memories, stories and associations can also be considered and examined.

According to these very competencies, Bott archives, categorizes, and repeatedly reassembles the things. The criteria for these groupings constantly form new forms of presentation.

In the exhibition Sonderdinge (Special Things), objects are brought together that are already special in themselves: Formally, they resemble other specimens, but for good reason they are not on site. They convey anecdotes, confidently report on their previous users, lament their suffering, or comment gleefully on everyday life.

Karsten Bott gives these things a stage away from other sorts that would not give them such a hearing.

The presentation is open from August 26 to September 16.
Karsten Bott will be on site to talk about things on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
(Except Saturday September 5)

“Sonderdinge” at HR2: www.hr2.de



Die Wand (The wall)
Talk and presentation

September 23 – 26, 12 – 6 p.m.

With The Wall, Thomas Hombach provides insight into one aspect of his work as an artist and collector: the exploration of language. Two fields are juxtaposed in the Goldstein Gallery as parallel projections:
On the one hand, these are images of objects from his collection, which were labeled during the manufacturing process or subsequently out of a sense of purpose. Here, irritations often arise due to a different readability or viewpoint today. The other projection field shows a sequence of words from a long-standing collection of the artist. These are not words from common usage, but rather new word creations, which have their origin partly in misunderstandings, mostly in the playful use of language.

Thomas Hombach will be on hand for a conversation with visitors on September 23 from 12-8pm.