Über das Reisen

Bettina Marx, Leanne Shapton, Christian Metz, Michael DeForge, Jürgen Krause, Superposition, Selbermann, Achim Zepezauer and Julia Krause-Harder
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

Über das Reisen
(About traveling)

The original meaning of the term travel, elevation, perhaps best illustrates its complexity. As a universally shared practice, travel means not only movement or purposeful change of place, but also an emotional event that generates memories, satisfies longings, or brings about psychological change.

Beyond today’s travel as mere recreation or consumption, moreover, for artists, elevation and movement often present themselves as strategic or substantive necessity. It is not only the study or concert trips, the exhibitions or grants that drive artists, but also travel as aesthetic and conceptual intensification, as location, observation, imagination and narrative, or as reflection in other cultures and worlds.


Residence and presentation
Bettina Marx
Residency: October 13-28
Presentation: October 29 – November 7
Opening: October 28, 7 p.m.

“For me, travel is the occasion for works. Not the departure is the beginning of a journey. Countless reflections and longings make me already on the road in my mind. At the moment I am planning journeys to which I will probably not be able to set off in the near future. Therefore, I am now sifting through the works that were created on the first part of my last trip to Sweden: The works on paper show memories of places I visited. Originally created by itinerant painters who traveled across the country, there are farms in inland Sweden with murals that fill the room. The murals, called kurbit paintings, depict colorful fantasy plants with exaggeratedly large flowers and leaves. The life staircase, depicting various situations in the lives of the residents, was also a popular motif. My works on paper pick up on the routes and spaces of the migrant workers, as well as my own experiences and observations on this journey. These imaginary journeys back to Sweden will mix with the explorations in Frankfurt at Goldstein Gallery, a new journey, a new place will inscribe itself in my work. The special space of the gallery will be related to my works from Sweden and a scenery, a space of memories will be created.” Bettina Marx



Leanne Shapton and Christian Metz
October 17, 2020, 8 pm

Canadian artist Leanne Shapton combines painting, text, and photography in her books in a fascinating way, including her latest publication Guest Book. She maps the everyday, the obvious and the invisible. Time and again she collaborates with architecture critic Niklas Maak. Through Manhattan (2017) documents her two-day trek from the southern tip of Manhattan to the northern tip of the island at 220th Street. On October 17, Jakob Hoffmann talks with literary scholar Christian Metz and via video transmission with Leanne Shapton about travel, past, present, and upcoming walks, and ghosts!

Book Fair event afterwards
Michael DeForge
Bird of Maine
October 17, 9 pm

On the occasion of the book fair with its missed guest of honor, Goldstein Gallery opens a 24-hour exhibition of Canadian comic artist Michael DeForge following the conversation with Leanne Shapton. Strips from his avian utopia, Birds of Maine, will be on display in the gallery’s space and window. There will be a video talk with Michael DeForge at the opening. Goldstein Gallery will be open from 12-6 p.m. on Oct. 18.

The Book Fair event is also sponsored by:


Jürgen Krause
»Ohne einen Wohnort zu haben, entsteht eben dort das Herz«

Expected catch-up date in spring 2022

We will inform about the form and conditions of the event in due course and depending on the current situation.

Four long hikes in the four cardinal points. With backpack and tent along a longitude and a latitude. At the intersection of the hikes then a first foundation stone for the house construction. More foundation stones follow in other places. What kind of “house” is that, without doors and windows? Jürgen Krause will tell about setting out and what it means to “live” in this house.

As a sonic extension of the theme, there will be a musical performance by Superposition (Julius Bockelt and Sven Fritz).


Workshop for families and kids
Raum, Zeit…Kontinuum!
(Space, time…continuum!)

Unfortunately, in the wake of the Corona pandemic, this event has been cancelled.

From November 26-29, families and children with and without impairments are to work on a growing, expanding wall collage at Goldstein Gallery – an expedition in the imagination, as time travelers, as astronauts or explorers.
Participation is free of charge and possible after written registration. In total, groups of maximum 5 people each can participate in the following time slots:
12-13:30, 14-15:30, 16-17:30.



Lab days

Selbermann and Zepezauer
Eine Hörreise

New date: Wednesday 19 January 2022

Being on the road and encounters with people and places characterize Selbermann’s ongoing biographical work. Especially in his narratives, these experiences are translated into a particular form of language and become precise yet abstract travelogues.
At Goldstein Galerie, a free travel narrative by Selbermann will be set to improvised music by Achim Zepezauer.
Zepezauer is a musician and artist. With his Tischlein Elektrisch he embarks on a sound search between tonal and atonal surfaces, rhythms, fragments of speech, abstract and concrete noises.


Julia Krause-Harder
December 14 – 15, 12 – 6 p.m.

On Julia Krause-Harder’s numerous journeys and in her work, anatomical structures, borderlines or mountain formations can become objects or places of longing. For example, for about two years Krause-Harder has been preoccupied with the Matterhorn, one of the most striking and highest mountains in the Alps. The external form of the mountain leads her there again and again: to draw, to hike, but above all to be close to the mountain. In Frankfurt, the examination of the mountain’s form, appearance and history replaces the lack of closeness to the mountain.
At Goldstein Gallery, Julia Krause-Harder will artistically expand on the Matterhorn. A resulting presentation will be on view in the shop window over the turn of the year.