NO36 HTTP Otobüs

Babak Sayahzadeh
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

March 14 – April 20, 2019

HTTP OTOBÜS is the vehicle that Babak Sayahzadeh uses to locate and transport himself and his work in the world.
The term BUS as a term for a collective line for electronic data transmission meets the actual bus, which commutes on a fixed route as a collective means of transport of various individuals.

Sayahzadeh scours the Internet according to his own special criteria and filters what is found. His personal pop-cultural agenda becomes a scanner of infinite information.

From this highly dynamic blending, Sayahzadeh’s semantic scenarios emerge, in which the rudimentary design possibilities of the PAINT program he uses lead to his own virtuosic stylization.
His explicit record covers, his pictorial reports on the most diverse trouble spots in the world suggest their own, cracking soundtrack in an almost deafening silence, and in this way they do not only visually rub off on each other.

The Goldstein Gallerie is showing a bundle of new works by the 23-year-old as a browser-like, fast-paced display.

Babak Sayahzadeh

Brower based presentation

Programming: Imre Oßwald
(Optimized for Google Chrome, requires Java Script)

Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 7 p.m.


Thursday, April 4, 2019, 8 pm
These Foolish Things – » Wer ist hier der Nepumuk? Ich! «
Talk, videos and sound with the hiphop and video artist Nepumuk (Offenbach am Main)

Saturday, 6 April 2019, 13-17 hrs
Design your own T-shirts with selected motifs of the artist. An open workshop with Freht Berger.