NO32 Parasite Island

The Madhouse
Herbert Nauderer
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

16 August – 22 September 2018

Curated by Andreas Bee

In the Goldstein Gallerie Herbert Nauderer shows excerpts from his cycle “PARASITE ISLAND”, which was last shown in the Kallmann Museum near Munich and in the gallery of the HbK Braunschweig.
The Mouse Man – a kind of alter ego of the artist – leads the viewer not only through his multimedia exhibition, but also through an uncanny, partly disturbing parallel world of human soul life.

Here, pencil or ink drawings together with objects, documents, video loops and photomontages form a complex spatial installation of surreal elements that confront the visitor with the dichotomy of fact and fiction, language and action, dream or nightmare.
Whether the bare pencil outline, the energetic hatching or the completely filled surface – Nauderer’s drawings are characterized by shades of gray and black, which are captured by the fast, intuitive ductus. But he does not limit himself to the sheet alone. Revived as an object or film, the drawn motifs find themselves in space. This togetherness suggests a narrative structure, which, however, is immediately taken ad absurdum by digital or analogue manipulation of the works. The found meets the invented, confronting the viewer with the question of how to deal with this mysterious dream world, which, in addition to unease and anxiety, also produces ironic and humorous nuances.

Herbert Nauderer, born in 1958 in Fürstenfeldbruck / Munich, lives and works in Weipertshausen on Lake Starnberg and Maciarello, Isola d’Elba. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and currently holds the professorship for drawing at the HBK Braunschweig.

Andrew Bee


Saturday, 15 September 2018, 8 pm
PARASITE ISLAND_mausmannsland
Short film screening and artist talk

Sibylle Canonica (actress)
Annika Tepelmann (Screenplay, Director)
Herbert Nauderer (concept, drawing, direction)

Moderation: Andreas Bee

PARASITE ISLAND_mausmannsland, 14 min. 20

A man, a woman, a prisoner – in his short film, the artist Herbert Nauderer explores the childhood of the figure of the mouse man and draws an absurd world of dependence and violence.

The “mouse man” plays an important role in Herbert Nauderer’s artistic cosmos. He was born as a drawing, the body of a man in a large underho- se, the head just a black mask with big ears. The figure also appeared more and more often in Nauderer’s photographs and collages, small and lost in run-down rooms or mysteriously in the background of a harmless family picture. In the meantime, the mouse man has pushed his way into the real film and is challenging his audience. The video “Parasite Island” is dark, powerful and full of abysmal wit and poetry.

Are the man and woman who hold the mouse man captive his parents? Is it just a nightmare? Or does the disturbed family system stand for modern societies? The Mouse Man does not offer clear solutions.

Actors: Josef Bierbichler, Sibylle Canonica, Herbert Nauderer, Jan de Boer Production, idea and concept: Herbert Nauderer
Screenplay and direction: Annika Tepelmann, Herbert Nauderer
Camera: Tom Fährmann

Animation: Theresa Maué, Herbert Nauderer