NO30 Frauerpower

Birgit Ziegert
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

24 May – 23 June 2018

The exhibition Frauerpower in the Goldstein Gallerie is our homage to the irreplaceable artist Birgit Ziegert, who died last year.

Since 2006 she was one of the protagonists of Atelier Goldstein with her exuberant artistic work. With unmistakable lightness and casualness she created fantastic people – animal and plant representations, developed from materials she found in her immediate surroundings. In eleven years of intensive artistic work in Atelier Goldstein, she created drawings, paintings, embroideries and sculptures

Since then these works have been shown in numerous national and international presentations of contemporary art. In the exhibition Weltenwandler, at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, she filled the entire staircase with her typical wild image menagerie in 2011. Her design for the large installation of an angel’s wing on the floor of St. Mary’s Church in Aulhausen, as well as her church window origin will remain and touch many generations after her.

Under the title Frauerpower, loosely based on Birgit Ziegert, the Goldstein Galerie is showing two groups of works that were created ten years apart and are formally very different: Her large-format black-and-white panel paintings from 2007 and an unfinished group of over 20 colored pictorial objects on which Ziegert worked until her death in 2017.


Thursday, June 7th, from 7 pm
“Entzückend, Baby! «
Party, karaoke, dance

Thursday, June 4, 7 pm
“Wenn einer arbeiten gehen will, geht er arbeiten, wenn nicht, geht er weiter.
Picture and film lecture on the work of Birgit Ziegert
by Sophia Edschmid and Sven Fritz (Atelier Goldstein)