NO26 Geschäft / Schrank / Haare / Land

Franz von Saalfeld, Adrian Williams
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

7 September – 14 October 2017

“To work with Franz von Saalfeld was for me a possibility to enter the world of another artist and to share mine with him. On trips together we made field recordings to determine the pitch of amplified sounds, something Franz, unlike me, masters. He showed me his pictures and objects, I showed him mine. We spent time looking and listening.

There is a kind of accumulated knowledge, literally a pile, due to the simple fact of looking and hearing. It moves us and determines our work, like an inherent reaction to it, similar to the impulse to check an initially hidden source of noise for our own expectations. This cultivates the need to interpret, reinterpret and share.

GESCHÄFT / SCHRANK / HAAR / LAND refers to a series of our reactions to paintings that I have brought to the Goldstein studio. Our words do not describe what we saw, but something we could not see while looking at them. Words alone refer to something and the idea of something. The objects, video and paper works shown in the Goldstein Gallery are something or the idea of something, characteristics of a time and place, and beyond.

Adrian Williams, 2017

Since mid-2016, Adrian Williams and Franz von Saalfeld have been meeting regularly to work together and exchange information about their respective works. In addition to a video work created in this collaboration, the Goldstein Gallery is showing large-format textile wall works by Adrian Williams as well as a large part of Franz von Saalfeld’s stage models, which he made for a stage play that is still in progress.


Wednesday, September 27th
artist talk
Adrian Williams and Franz von Saalfeld

Sunday, October 1st
These Foolish Things – Noise Chase
Field recording concert by and with children accompanied by Harald Sack Ziegler, Jakob Hoffmann and Atelier Goldstein