NO25 Diese Geister

Perihan Arpacilar
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

29 June – 5 August 2017

The Atelier Goldstein artist Perihan Arpacilar has been working since 2016 on portraits of personalities who have made an impression on her life and her artistic work. She approaches this subject artistically in two very different ways: In her work with ink, Arpacilar makes the special effect of water her own. The randomness of flowing pigments leads to an accelerated process to peculiar, ghostly portraits. Tadashi Hattori, curator at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kôbe, wrote: “Pigments dissolved in water flow over the paper. Then the diffuse form of a human face becomes visible. It’s hard to believe how Perihan Arpacilar can give such a presence to a man or woman on paper with this minimal use of color and subtle brushstrokes.

At the same time, Perihan Arpacilar works on woodcuts that take a completely different path in their creation and appearance. The slowness and graphic hardness of this technique are openly visible and for Arpacilar embody a counterweight to the fleetingness of the ink.
Thus, in recent months, the cycle “Cult” has been created, portraits of eight unmistakable artist icons in a limited edition, which now are confronted to Arpacilar’s ink paintings at the Goldstein Galerie.


Sunday, July 2, 11am
These Foolish Things – artist talk
Jakob Hoffmann meets Perihan Arpacilar