NO18 Kommunizierende Körper

Curated by Thomas Röske
Arletta Kindermann, Wolfgang Klee
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

November 19th – December 20th 2015

With the work presenting here the artists Kindermann and Klee do not fit into any category. Neither you can assign them to a contemporary art movement nor outsider art. The moment of grotesque in sense of a distorted figurative representation is common and at the same time has a caricaturing and creepy effect.

The most famous work of Arletta Kindermann a classicist-figurative sculptor is the replenishment of an over-sized quadriga on the reconstructed outer skin of the Braunschweig castle. Next to this public oeuvre the night side arises with hundreds of worked through pencil drawings where grimacing faces and naked body parts complete on the surface. The erotized narrowness of the concentrated physicality gets threateningly close to the observer as if he would stuck with the beings that are making jokes about him in a hopeless tight cave.

Wolfgang Klee manufactures since 2006 cardboard constructions („Papphabitate“) for hanging or standing that give insights on tight rooms with preference on several floors.

The masculine and gender neutral beings act grotesque sitting, standing and laying with expressionless faces while other pursue mechanical activities. Some naked figures show their erected genitals that are lying in front of them to each other or observe voyeuristic an event. Other penetrate on and in bodies with tools, sticks and injections use their penises, tongues or different body excretions. With black humor Klees cardboard habitats carry on criticism on addiction to consumption and exploitation.

PD Dr. phil. Thomas Röske (*1962) is the head of the collection Prinzhorn university psychiatric clinic Heidelberg since November 2002 and works as a free exhibition curator for different institutions. He regularly gives lectures at the center for european art history from the university Heidelberg and since 2016 at the art history institute of the university in Frankfurt. Since April 2013 he is president of the european outsider art association (EOA).