Création du monde no.2

The sewed world map
Julia Krause-Harder
Dommusem, Frankfurt

October 7, 2021- January 9, 2022 – extended until February 6, 2022!

Création du monde no.2 (The Creation of the World) is a world map of over 250 m2 made of different fabrics. The textile collage comprises seven parts, which Julia Krause-Harder created in a working process lasting almost three years.

On journeys and in many researches Julia Krause-Harder deals for many years with border courses and with the prehistory of many countries. With her work she now shows her perspective on the world. For each country a matching fabric was chosen; colors and patterns refer to characteristics of the respective country or area. In some places there are additional appliqués or embroidered writing. The different materials are linked, knitted and sewn together. A relief-like, multicolored image is created from the different fabrics.

The work, planned by the artist for a spatial installation in which the viewers find themselves, as it were, inside the world, goes beyond the dimensions of most exhibition spaces. In the Dommuseum in the historic cloister of the Frankfurt Cathedral, parts of the collage are suspended from the ceiling and presented like a large tent.

In this exhibition, as in the first presentation at the Goldstein Galerie, only part of the work can be shown. Hence the title La création du monde no. 2.