“I Love The Movement That Displaces Lines”

Julius Bockelt amongst others
Christian Berst Gallery

February 9 to March 19, 2023

From February 9th, selected works by Julius Bockelt will be on show at the Galerie Christian Berst in Paris. The exhibition “J’adore le mouvement qui déplace les lignes” brings together different artistic works that deal with the gesture of writing, with the play of lines and wavy drawings.

The title of this exhibition refers to Marcel Broodthaers’ mischievous use of a phrase from Charles Baudelaire’s poem “Beauty” in 1973: “I hate the movement that displaces the lines”.

Following this quotation, curator Léa Bismuth directs her gaze to the idea of writing itself – to the attempt of linguistic translation from one space to another, staging conceptual points of view: from cryptic notation to mental scores, from text to drawn performances.

Artists Jérémie Bennequin, Léa Bismuth, Julius Bockelt, Elina Brotherus, Michel Butor, Jill Gallieni, Joseph Grigely, John Urho Kemp, Dan Miller, Harald Stoffers, August Walla

For further information visit: i love the movement that displaces lines | christian berst — art brut