NO4 »Hir naht der Abschied von Leben und Streid«

Franz von Saalfeld
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

Franz von Saalfeld
Exhibition: Nov 28th – Dec 21st 2013 / Jan 8th – 18th 2014
Opening: Nov 27th 2013, 7 pm

Musical Soiree
Franz and Monica von Saalfeld
Dec 12th, 8 pm

Sunday Matinee
Perceptions on Franz von Saalfeld’s work
Jan 12th, 11 am

“Hir naht der Abschied vom Leben und Streid” is the title chosen by Galerie Goldstein to exhibit the watercolours, drawings and paper models of Franz von Saalfeld.

The 50-year-old artist’s work is difficult to imagine without his family background. His mother a concert pianist, his father a lecturer for drawing and animation at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz, his sister a painter and brother a cameraman, the young autist Franz’ talent was noticed early and lovingly encouraged and promoted by professionals. His technical ability is extraordinary – in a word, Franz can draw!

Under closer scrutiny, stories unfold in his picture-perfect watercolours that captivate the observer with mysterious and symbolic metaphors. In one, human figures going about their lives in cityscapes are visited by angel-like creatures that roost on their shoulders. In another, people lie on the beach on narrow towels only to reappear as gravestones in the same formation in the next, the grave of Karl Marx amongst them. Little Red Ridinghood is re-interpreted in yet another, or giant fish are reeled in by tiny men.

Again and again, his waterclours show a carnival-like world that is wild and cryptic. Processions of hedgehog-like humans mutate into real hedgehogs that in turn climb over other humans, with all sorts of devils flying above and a woman jumping from a nearby roof. Calligraphic texts as well as theatre directions complete his oevre.

Franz von Saalfeld also plays several musical instruments, which, in his family, goes without saying!