Hans-Jörg Georgi
Luftmuseum Amberg

April 25 – July 26, 2015

He has been drawing and building airplane models for many decades.Almost all of his airplanes and most of his drawings were destroyed in the period before Georgi came to the Goldstein studio in 2001, because no one around him considered them from an artistic point of view. It did not stop him from continuing to work every day.

Georgi, since he has been at Atelier Goldstein, has built a fleet of over a hundred model airplanes out of cardboard. He gets old cardboard boxes for them from the waste container at the workshop for the disabled where he works two days a week. Other material was out of reach for him, who could hardly ever move anywhere autonomously. But there couldn’t have been a better one for the way he works. Georgi cuts the cardboard boxes into small irregular pieces and glues them together to form stable three-dimensional bodies whose shape he plans but only fully finds during their slow process of creation.

Introduction: Natalie Deligt, Nürnberg