Dialogmuseum in coorperation with Klaus Schneider and Atelier Goldstein
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

Opening: August 21, 7 pm
Presentation: August 22-24, 2019

As part of a three-day workshop with the Dialogmuseum Frankfurt, sensual modes of perception were translated into pictorial works on paper in drawing. Artists* from Atelier Goldstein and participants* from the museum, under the guidance of artist Klaus Schneider, approached different objects – like a musical etude – in playful, sequential steps: What does a rose look like? How does its surface feel and what shape does its fragrance take? Through alternating work steps – first seeing, then from memory, with eyes closed, groping, and finally using the blind contour method – surprising images emerged. They open the view for hidden things, which are under their surface.

A final step explored drawing to sounds composed especially for the workshop. As a kind of epilogue, the participants finalized their works with their individual artistic technique.

A selection of the resulting drawings was then transferred to swell paper. By heating the material, it creates a relief-like structure of the drawn lines and allows a haptic viewing of the image, which is also possible with closed eyes or impaired vision by scanning the contours. In this way, the approach of the workshop is continued in the viewing of the exhibition by the visitors. ETÜDEN follows on from the work show BLINDHEIT DES SEHENS, which in 2010, as a cooperation with the Frankfurter KunstBlock, the Dialogmuseum and Klaus Schneider, brought together exhibits by contemporary artists* on this theme.

About the cooperation partners:

Since 2005, the Dialogmuseum Frankfurt has invited visitors to socially relevant exhibitions that strengthen the dialogue between people with and without disabilities. As an integration company that combines social responsibility with economic activity, it employs blind and disabled people to guide visitors through exhibitions – such as “Dialogue in the Dark,” a tour in absolute darkness. The museum will open its new location in downtown Frankfurt, at the Hauptwache, in early 2020.

The artist Klaus Schneider explores the complex relationship between perception, language and communication through painting, drawing, photography and installation. In addition to his artistic activities, he has held teaching positions for art at various institutions since 2002, including 2002-2004 substitute professorship for graphic arts at the Institute for Art Education, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main; 2005/2006 visiting professorship for art practice, Justus Liebig University Giessen.