NO8 Die Zukunftsstadt

2000 - 2010
Stefan Häfner
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

Häfner planned and developed his city as an architectural model of a better life in the future, in which visual-spation problems are solved more consistenty and intelligently than before.

In ten years, he developed four blocks of his future city. He built the parking garage only when he was able to figure out how many spaces were needed.

Exhibition No8 shows all five blocks for the first time. The whole model is made of folded, glued white cardboard and is completely furnished and lit, even from the inside, which is not visible to the eye. Planned in minute detail, the long process of self-generated growth becomes visible. Häfner’s conceptional, experimental approach to city planning has at its core the main consideration of offering a well-organised, sustainable place for many people to live. It touches upon an actual need and is full of inspiring ideas.

Exhibition: June 13th – July 12th 2014
Opening: June 12th 2014, 8 pm


THESE FOOLISH THINGS – curated by Jakob Hoffmann
„Olaf Nicolai sieht Stefan Häfner“
July 2nd 2014, 8 pm

Kai Vöckler „ Die Zukunft der Stadt – Stefan Häfners Zukunftsstadt im Kontext baukünstlerischer Utopien“
June 29th 2014, 11 am