Das bunte Auge – Alternative Program

Dustin Eckhardt and Tina Herchenröther
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

Das bunte Auge
(The colorful eye)

At 23 and 22, Tina Herchenröther and Dustin Eckhardt are the youngest artists in Atelier Goldstein. What unites them both is that their subjects are strongly influenced and motivated by their respective pop cultural interests as a young generation. In doing so, both are not afraid of any metamorphosis or modification, any making their own of the respective motifs and pictorial worlds, whereby these often attain an aesthetic deepening.

The pause of the programmatic thematic series is now to be used as an opportunity for a first presentation of the two artists.

Dustin Eckhardt
May 6-19

Dustin Eckhardt’s mostly small-format works on paper revolve around real and unreal spaces and places. He condenses international metropolises into fantastic urban spaces, unites different eras of the USS Enterprise into a contemporary fleet, or redesigns the opulent interior of Peter Lustig’s construction trailer. His design with simple means such as colored pencils forms a strong contrast to the multiple levels of meaning of his own observation. Eckhardt is both observer and architect: from his memory and imagination he reconstructs these places from a bird’s-eye view and spreads them out before the viewer like an inanimate scenery.

Tina Herchenröther
May 26-June 9

The exhibition can be visited by appointment and in compliance with general hygiene measures during the following opening hours:
Wednesday-Friday, 12-6 p.m.

Tina Herchenröther follows a performative approach in her works. Her physical expression in gestures and poses can be found as a direct model in her drawings and paintings. In doing so, she enters into a special connection with figures of pop culture, adopting their posture while simultaneously overwriting their identity with the means of drawing and painting. Herchenröther’s fearless use of material and technique offers each image enough space for the unexpected and intuitive.