In 2008, Atelier Goldstein opened a temporary showroom in Frankfurt, entitled ZUR POST.
Located in the former post office of the Gartenstrasse 145, the project featured five shows and performances, dealing with the subject of a dilatant, a term that seems positive as it describes a person who pursues things for his own benefit and indulges in selfish acts for enjoyment, but nevertheless is socially regarded as a bad characteristic.
The art project ZUR POST was enabled by the promotion of culture ‘eXperimente’ of the Aventis Foundation.

01 Murmeln / Cooperation with artists from Atelier der Villa (Hamburg) / April 21th – May 11th 2008
02 Roland Kappel: Baumission – Konstruktionen / Exhibition / June 12th – July 13th 2008
03 Andreas Skorupa: Paintings and Sculptures / Exhibition / September 5th – 27th 2008
04 MONDKANONE / Projects with kids and teenagers / October 6th – 16th 2008

Photographs: Axel Schneider, Patrick Raddatz, Uwe Dettmar, Melanie Schmitt