Redesign of Marienkirche Aulhausen

by Atelier Goldstein

The Sankt Vinzenzstift has commisioned Atelier Goldstein to redesign their 12th century cistercian church of Marienhausen, Rüdesheim-Aulhausen.

Directed by Dr Caspar Söling and Bishop em. Dr Franz Kamphaus, conclaves were held in 2010 and 2011, which provided the artists and staff of Atelier Goldstein with topics to develop a design concept for the Marienkirche in 2012.
A number of drafts/sketches/designs, dealing with the questions of christian iconography, philosophy and natural sciences have been the results. Some of the themes are being realised in the windows, the lady altar, a floor piece and a statue of christ. After already being restored by architect Stephan Dreier, the church will be fit with the designs by Atelier Goldstein until mid 2014, which will be assembled by the artists and/or external

The Project is a one-of-a-kind approach: The protected Church Marienhausen will be the first catholic church ever to be designed exclusively by people with a handicap.

Artists: Andreas Skorupa, Julius Bocklet, Julia Krause-Harder, Birgit Ziegert, Selbermann, Markus Schmitz, Juewen Zhang, Hans-Jörg Georgi
Management: Christiane Cuticchio
Direction: Melanie Schmitt
Artistic Work: Sven Fritz, Christian Fleck, Lutz Pillong, Jan Wehrmann


Window: the inexplicableness of god (trinity) / Design: Andreas Skorupa / Realization: Derix Glasstudio and Atelier Goldstein

Window: Creation / Design: Andreas Skorupa / Realization: Derix Glasstudio and Atelier Goldstein

Floorpiece: Angel Wing / Design: Birgit Ziegert / Realization: Jürgen Leister Metallgestaltung, Fußboden Sauer and Atelier Goldstein

Sponsored by: Bistum Limburg, Aktion Mensch, Rotary Club Wiesbaden-Rheingau, Rheingauer Weinbauverband e.V. and private Sponsors.