NO23 Superfiliale

Verhandlungen mit dem Tod
Markus Zimmermann, Saskia Hennig von Lange
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

March 9th – April 15th 2017

SUPERFILIALE is a project that Markus Zimmermann founded 2013 and whose protagonists perform and act in constantly changing cast. In its actions and performances, SUPERFILIALE asks what is valuable or appears to a society. She stages the longing for goods and their consumption in different ways, but differently than we are familiar with: the development, the production but also the exchange rates flow offensively into the value of an object; the SUPERFILIALE follows all these processes and emphasizes the role of the consumer.

For the performance “Verhandlungen mit dem Tod” (Negotiations with Death) on March 8, a sequence of actions has been developed in collaboration with the writer Saskia Hennig von Lange, which inquires into the formal, aesthetic and poetic conditions of disappearance and reappearance. In the sense of an economy of doubt, “Negotiations with Death” attempts to override the logic of capitalist production with its own means.

In his book Die Gabe, Marcel Mauss describes the origins of potlatch in some Inuit cultures. According to this, the spirits of the dead were the first beings with whom people had to make contracts. For the Eskimos they were the true owners of things and the goods of the world.
With them, exchange was most necessary and non-exchange most dangerous. The contract consisted of the donation of a gift and its subsequent destruction, so that the gift was rewarded.
In his funeral oration for Heiner Müller, Alexander Kluge recalls the poet’s attitude towards the dead. The dead are not dead. The dead are in an intense relationship with the living and determine their place. Heiner Müller spoke of the gravity of the dead.
Markus Zimmermann and Saskia Hennig von Lange invited six other performers, including three Atelier Goldstein artists, to ask about the gravity of the dead: How to negotiate with the dead? How to deal with them without being pulled under the table? Who do we believe the world belongs to? Who holds our happiness in their hands?
Ourselves? Then why is it so difficult for us to be happy?
The performance “Negotiations with Death” will be there to prevent art products. Books will play a role, assembly lines and plants. Like in a production line, products will be created before they become text and transform into shattered things. The individual performers act like organs in an organism. The three rooms of the gallery form one body.
In the backmost one, the intestine, sleep is allowed, the stomach pours tea, the heart swings the hammer and the eyes of the gallery look out of the shop window.

Markus Carpenter

During opening hours the performance is continued by the supervisors. Visitors have the opportunity to participate.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Opening and performance
With Markus Born, Anne-Louise Hoffmann, Saskia Hennig von Lange, Anja Plonka, Selbermann, Joel Thottathil, Juewen Zhang, Markus Zimmermann