NO17 Schicht, Blase, Effekt

Julius Bockelt
Goldstein Galerie, Frankfurt am Main

24 September – 31 October 2015

In his first solo exhibition Atelier Goldstein artist Julius Bockelt, born 1983 in Frankfurt/Main shows Goldstein Galerie drawings and photographic works that primarily deal with physical phenomena. Bockelts drawings result through linear rankings and overlays of complex structures on paper that are closely connected to his musical attempts with interference and sound vibrations.

His photographic works are credentials of idiosyncratic observations and experiments: he picks up cloud formations, rainbows, snow crystals and voltage optics. Or he changes structure and behaviour of soap bubbles through use of cola. As a result incidental and at the same time impressive poetic pictures arise.


4 October, 11 am
Sunday matinee – Jakob Hoffmann meets Julius Bockelt (artist talk)

23 October, 19 pm
Music performance
Uwe Dierksen: Sequenza V for Posaune Solo from Luciano Berio Uwe Dierksen and Julius Bockelt: improvisation