NO15 Good Stories

Michael Pleissner
Goldstein Galerie

In an exhibition titled Good Stories, Goldstein Gallery will be showing a selection of the of the work of the Leipzig artist Michael Pleissner for the first time. Collages from 1970 to today, collaged artworks in book form as well as sculptures made from printed paper and found objects will be on display. To mark the event, the New German Fiction prize winner Judith Keller has written a new text for her series These Foolish Things, which she will read along with other works.

The Frankfurt artist Jens Lehmann will give a graphic presentation titled Exorcism Through Collage persuing the obsession of collecting, cutting and pasting.

Many thanks to: Michael Pleissner, Jens-Otto Didier, Durchblick e.V. Leipzig, Valentina Seidel

Exhibition: May 21st – June 27th 2015
Opening: May 20th 2015, 7 pm