Stefan Häfner, Hans-Jörg Georgi, Reinhard Mucha, Tobias Rehberger amongst others
Arp Museum, Bahnhof Rolandseck

May 15 – August 16 2009

“Until the beginning of the 20th century, the classical model represents almost exclusively an intermediate stage, an aid on the way to the final work of art. Modernist artists develop the theme of the model further and create works of art with a model character. The exhibited works by sculptors, object and installation artists Hans-Jörg Georgi, Stefan Häfner, Reinhard Mucha, Tobias Rehberger, Peter Sauerer and Ernst Stark are dedicated to this very theme. The depictions of airplanes, cars, forests, miniaturized living worlds, houses, and thought buildings create an image of reality before one’s eyes through their pictorial fidelity as well as an exact scale, which they question again through the traces of craftsmanship. Between construction and destruction, stability and uncertainty, these model pieces open up an irritating interplay of illusion and disillusion for the audience. Between model and reality, they invite us to adopt a new perspective of our own.”