Julia Krause-Harder
Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main


“Artist Julia Krause-Harder is one of the structuralists at Atelier Goldstein. Since 2005, she has been working with due obsession on a convolute of objects with the aim of recreating all the dinosaurs that could ever have existed in various forms. In doing so, she relies exclusively on found materials such as loose-leaf binders, neckties, or cable ties, which, in the consistently realistic depiction of Kentrosaurus, Pterosaurus & Co. leads to highly unexpected and humorous feedbacks with our present. The Frankfurt-based Atelier Goldstein, of which Julia Krause-Harder is a member, is an independent artist’s studio. Since 2001, 15 artists with physical or mental disabilities have been working there in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, and video, receiving individual support in bringing forth their work and being placed in museums, galleries, and exhibition halls in Germany and abroad.”