Endless Summer

28 artistic positions of the HfG Offenbach
Juewen Zhang, amongst others
HfG-Kunsthalle, Offenbach am Main

6 – 8 December 2019

Curated by Prof. Heiner Blum

HfG-Kunsthalle, Nordring 150, Entrance: Kaiserleistra├če 19, Offenbach (Via the cycle path on the Main: between the motorway bridge and Robert Johnson)

Every new generation of artists seeks and finds their voice. A university offers the shelter to orientate oneself and organize one’s own creativity. New paths and perspectives between conceptual and intuitive action are created through experimentation. 28 students of the Hochschule f├╝r Gestaltung will present a selection of their work at the end of the year in the HfG-Kunsthalle in Offenbach Harbour. On display will be conceptual groups of drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, which exemplify larger-scale work designs.

endless summer is a snapshot in the maturing of artistic works, which creates a perspective on all that pictures are today and could be tomorrow.