Bloedtest (Blood Test)

Genetic and artistic manipulations
Franz von Saalfeld amongst others
Dr. Guislain Museum, Gent

June 21 – October 20, 2019

Works on paper by Atelier Goldstein artist Franz von Saalfeld will be on view at the Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent from June 21, 2019. The group exhibition was initiated by Wit.h and the Dr. Guislain Museum and explores the theme of genetic and artistic manipulation:

„What will our society look like? Will it become healthier, more perfect, flawless even? Because of medical progress this no longer seems utopian. An increasing number of diseases can be treated, genes can be adjusted, everything seems controllable. So now that we have an idea of what society couldbe like in the future, the question remains in which society we wantto live.

Wit.h and Dr. Guislain Museum brought together visual and performing artists who wonder whether we really want to know everything that science can tell us, because with more freedom comes more responsibility. And how free will we actually be when we are making these choices?

Blood Testis not merely an exhibition, but also a Walking Opera, a Gesamkunstwerk in which music, visual arts and theatre merge. It is a walk alongside letters, tombstones and through an acoustic labyrinth, where you will meet semi-characters, extinct animals and quite an extraordinary giant.“

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