The Crip School

In Kooperation mit Wit.h
Julia Krause-Harder u.a.
Buda, Kortrijk

„In BUDA we are developing a Learning Together programme. It is a collective space for critical reflection, forging links both within and outside the artistic community. During the festival, Learning Together takes the shape of a ‘school’. A place where art is shared in a different way, where we put ways of doing, thinking and existing into perspective. We invited vzw Wit.h to join us. Together, we create The Crip School. Together, we create The Crip School. And it just so happens that this is the celebration of their 20th anniversary.

The Crip School is an original and artistic way of standing still for a moment and then moving forward again. For ten days, each floor of the Budatower will be given a different interpretation of co-creation by different artists, curators and scientists.

Crip is the proud nickname for all those who deviate from the normal, the appropriate and the recognisable. You are a Crip because of a handicap, a mental vulnerability or any other reason.“