Art Brut Live

Hans-Jörg Georgi u.a.
Dox, Prag

27. März. – 17. August 2015

„The exhibition ART BRUT LIVE includes more than 300 predominantly contemporary works of art brut from the abcd collection that French collector Bruno Decharme has been putting together for more than 30 years. His collection, which contains some 3,500 works by 300 artists from all over the world, is one of the most important collections of its kind. Art brut is a form of artistic expression that is inextricably tied to the life of its creators, for whom art is a way of grappling with their existence – of conquering space, taming the body, mastering the mind, or even saving the world. These concepts also form the titles of the imaginary chapters into which the exhibition ART BRUT LIVE has been divided.“

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