From Gerhard Richter to the Cloud

March 19 to August 13, 2023

When was the last time you looked up at the sky? Looking upwards is the focus of the interdisciplinary exhibition “Clouds. From Gerhard Richter to the Cloud” in spring/summer 2023. Fourteen artists*, among them Julius Bockelt, provide different perspectives on the sky: Clouds as a symbol of movement, expanse, freedom, lightness, energy but also as an indicator of weather, climate and cosmos.

Artists: Jérémie Bennequin, Léa Bismuth, Julius Bockelt, Elina Brotherus, Michel Butor, Jill Gallieni, Joseph Grigely, John Urho Kemp, Dan Miller, Harald Stoffers, August Walla.

For further information visit: Museum Sinclair-Haus – Wolken (